NEW! IPL Laser Support

  • IPL Flash Lamps
  • IPL Fibers
  • IPL Hand Piece Filters & Lenses
  • Service & Repairs

Laser Repair

  • Medical Lasers
  • Industrial Lasers
  • Scientific Lasers
  • Service & Repairs

Laser Control Software

TJS is the largest integrator of ProLase7 for Windows, powerful user friendly industrial laser software programs designed for use with most laser marking systems including Nd:YAG, Fiber and CO2.

On-Site Laser Service

  • Medical Lasers
  • Industrial Lasers
  • Scientific Lasers
  • Service & Repairs

Warning Beacons

TJS offers the largest assortment of different lamp shapes to meet the diverse product needs within the warning beacon market.

Laser Components

TJS carries a full line of laser parts and laser components.

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Medical Laser Repair Services

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TJS is a technical laser company supporting the medical, cosmetic, aesthetic and scientific laser markets worldwide since 1980.

As the largest U.S. company manufacturing direct replacement components for the medical laser industry, TJS offers an experienced technical staff unparalleled in our industry.

Medical Laser Repair Services Offered

  • On-Site Service and Repair
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  • Preventative Maintenance Agreement
  • Cavity and Pump Chamber restoration
  • Fiber Repair
  • Laser Crystal Repair for Nd:YAG, Alexandrite, ruby, Ho:YAG, Er:YAG
  • Lamp Power Supply repair
  • Laser Safety and Training

TJS provides our customers with comprehensive, knowledgeable support including critical consumable items like:

  • Laser Flash Lamps
  • IPL Lamps
  • Flow tubes and Triple Bore cavities
  • Crystals- Nd:YAG, Alexandrite, ruby, Ho:YAG, Er:YAG
  • Mirrors
  • IPL Hand piece repair, filters and optics
  • Pump Chambers
  • Cavities
  • Fibers and Fiber repairs
  • Windows
  • Power Supplies
  • Safety Eyewear

Medical Laser Manufacturers Supported

  • Alma
  • Altus
  • Asclepion
  • Candela
  • Coherent
  • Continuum
  • Cutera
  • Cynosure
  • Deka
  • Diomed
  • Dornier
  • ESC
  • Fotona
  • HGM
  • HOYA ConBio
  • Laserscope
  • Light Age
  • Lumenis
  • Palomar
  • Quanta
  • Sciton
  • Sharplan
  • Surgilase
  • Syneron
  • Zimmer
  • And more